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When you’re crazy-busy, even little kids get stressed out

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Kids of all ages face pressure to be involved in various activities, and parents face pressure to offer their children opportunities to learn new skills and be exposed to different hobbies.
Your 3-5-year-old child might be overscheduled if:
So how much scheduling is too much? The key is in keeping a close eye on your child to monitor for signs of activity-related stress. Here are some effects of overscheduling:
Another effect of overscheduling is that preschoolers can become overly dependent on outside resources to provide stimulation. Children whose lives are rigidly scheduled don’t learn to amuse themselves or develop the inner resources to cope with boredom.
In a culture that prizes overscheduling, pushing back against being “crazy busy” takes courage, but it is worth doing. By thoughtfully slowing down the pace of your children’s lives so they have time to play, go outside, decompress, and breathe deeply, you increase their chances of creating happily productive lives for themselves.
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