Voice Actor fights back! – Interview with Funimation VA – Eric Rolon!

Today we’re going to highlight one more voice actor, who got himself in a bit of hot water with his colleagues – over his political views! 🐘

Eric Rolon had a relatively short career with Funimation (joining shortly after the fallout with another beloved actor we’ve discussed on this podcast before).
However, it’s anything but uneventful! He is starring in a couple of major anime – his most famous being Kendo Rappa from My Hero Academia! 👊
Eric shares his professional voice acting journey, which surprisingly led him to re-dedicate himself to his faith. He speaks about a curious falling-out-turned-career-turner that he had with a fellow voice actor all over his opinion on Black Lives Matter and the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. And for all those weebs out there, what working in voice acting is really like.💥
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