The Vic Mignogna Saga – Interview withVic Mignogna🎙️

Vic Mignogna Saga
Here is the second part of the interviews covering the Vic Mignogna story. Hosted by indie journalist Cress Holmes interviewing the same anime voice actor that this story revolves around, Vic Mignogna, on the CanuckleHeads podcast.🎤
Holmes has done a series of interviews meeting with many key players in the story of the Vic Mignogna controversy. Vic is a famous Christian and conservative anime voice actor accused of sexual harassment in 2019.
Last week we covered the side of the story from one of the accusers, Ron Toye; this week, we speak to the prolific voice actor this story is all about. 🗣️
It’s interesting to hear Vic’s side of the story in a long-form format. Listening, you get the feeling that Vic, if not guilty, then there’s been a gross miscarriage of justice; if he is guilty, he is one heck of a liar.🤔
Cress does a solid job discussing the story. The discussion is a tad more casual and should be enjoyable for a sit-down or casual listening.
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