The Vic Mignogna Saga – Interview with Ron Toye 🎙️

Vic Mignogna Saga
Cress Holmes is an upcoming indie journalist we discovered while putting together an upcoming piece on the Vic Mignogna story. Her work meeting with the different personalities involved is quite striking and we are proud to share some of her work with you here today.
Holmes has done a series of interviews meeting with many key players in the story of the Vic Mignogna controversy, a popular Christian and conservative anime voice actor that was accused of sexual harassment. It’s a very complicated story, with a lot of different opinions, many pieces of testimony, and, at least so far, no indictments. 🤯
In this episode for her podcast, the Canuckleheads Podcast, she interviews Ron Toye, one of the accusers against Mignogna and the boyfriend of Mignogna’s fellow voice actor and accuser, Monica Rial. 👥
There are many opinions out there on this story, but few have tried to handle it as objectively as Holmes. She and her co-host conducted some fun yet serious interviews with Toye which you can find above and below.
It is a 2 parter, so there is plenty for all of you to sink your teeth into. Please check us out in the future for more updates and interviews on this story.🧑‍⚖️
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