The True Problem Behind the Opioid Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, w/ Dr. Sally Satel & Journalist Peter Pischke

Hello Happy Warriors,
Here is an interview with our EIC Peter Pischke, and his friend Yale psychiatrist Dr. Sally Satel, speaking on the opioid crisis, addiction, harm reduction, and prescription opioid prohibition.
It is a fascinating hour-long interview and Mikhaila Peterson speaks to the issues facing patients in a way very few could hope to understand. Patients & those suffering from addiction are both suffering needlessly as public health and law enforcement try to stop individuals suffering using top-down punishment and control.
With overdose deaths skyrocketing past 100,000 before the year is even over with. So does punishing physicians and pharmacists work, just as the media and Hulu tell us to?
Surprise, surprise: it doesn’t work.
It is one of the best interviews Pete’s ever engaged with. And he is asking everyone that reads, watches, or listens to please post and share on social media.
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