The Quinton Flynn Saga – Quinton Flynn's Interview

We carry on to the second part of this saga, with an interview with mega-voice actor Quinton Flynn, a victim of false sexual assault allegations and subsequent vitriolic social media mobbing.
If you haven’t listened to the previous episode –and you really should– Flynn’s story is strikingly similar to Vic Mignogna’s. However, unlike Mignogna whose consistently lost in court, Flynn won his lawsuit and received a protective order against his stalker.🧑‍⚖️
Quinton has some choice words. Not only for the abusive stalker that started this fiasco but especially for the professionals he used to call friends and the demented folks on social media attempting to finish where his tormentor left off. 🤬
If you don’t recognize Flynn’s name, you certainly have heard his work. Quinton is the voice actor behind several massive projects, including Kingdom Hearts (Axel), Metal Gear Solid (Raiden), League of Legends (Jhin), among many others.
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