The Quinton Flynn saga – A Tale of Two Lawsuits

The story of Vic Mignogna’s fight in court could have gone in a very different direction had events been just a tad different…
This week we will be diving into introducing a similar situation that we had covered in the previous two weeks with regards to Vic Mignogna; however, this one had quite a different outcome; We start by looking at the curious situation surrounding another voice actor – Quinton Flynn. 🗣️
Cress reviews the court transcript in which VA Quinton Flynn (notable for voicing Axel in Kingdom Hearts & Raiden in the Metal Gear Solid Series) pressed for a protective order against a jilted ex due to false allegations that had been made on social media – and he was granted the order! 🧑‍⚖️
The way things went down, however, was anything but typical! 🤯
You won’t want to miss Part 1 of this 2-part episode!
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