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Staff Stars: Tyler Engelson and Janell Mills

Consider every problem or concern you can imagine an adult dealing with today: poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, unplanned pregnancy, the loss of a parent, sibling or partner, depression, anxiety or other mental illness, addiction, working overtime or multiple jobs to support a family, unplanned car breakdowns or other major expenses, or being displaced because of situations outside your control. Now imagine dealing with any of that as a 14-to-18-year-old. For some high schoolers, school becomes the last in a set of immediate priorities. But when they are able and want to get back on track, our Joe Foss program at Axtell Park is there for them. That program works wonders because of people like Janell and Tyler, who devote themselves to developing meaningful relationships and finding a myriad of solutions for every need. Meet them.

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