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SDSU Extension Releases Information About Bison Livestock Assistance Program

Jeff Martin, Director of Research for the Center of Excellence for Bison Studies, and Russ Daly, Professor, SDSU Extension Veterinarian and State Public Health Veterinarian recently published updated information to help bison producers learn more about the specifics of a new U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency indemnity program. The most recent information can be found in an article entitled, published updates to the USDA FSA: Bison herds affected with Mycoplasma bovis now eligible for livestock assistance programs, carcass disposal assistance also available.article.
The article can be found by visiting the SDSU Extension webpage
The USDA FSA has announced that bison death losses resulting from Mycoplasma bovis are now eligible for the livestock indemnity program (LIP), retroactive for 2021. Producers Martin and Daly say producers should coordinate with their local USDA FSA office or USDA Service Center to finalize their notice of loss and LIP application for payment. The filing deadline is February 28. All Mycoplasma-related deaths in 2022 and in future years should be reported within 30 calendar days from the ending date of the eligible loss condition.
Qualifying losses include losses greater than 5.0% in bison smaller than 400 lbs. (immature) and/or greater than 1.5% in bison larger than 400 lbs. (mature). Moreover, you must provide acceptable proof:
For more information about the assistance program, visit
For more additional information, contact Jeff Martin, Director of Research for the Center of Excellence for Bison Studies, at or 605-394-2236.
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