Obituary for Doctor Who🪦

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I’ve been eagerly in anticipation of sharing this piece with you.🤗
An obituary is how I think of the piece. While that might seem bombastic if the new creative controllers – Russel T Davies and Bad Wolf Studios- cannot right the ship; Who be destined for cancellation for another two decades.🪦
“Doctor Who” is dead. Ratings haven’t been this low since the moribund 1980s. Fan interest is zilch, with little engagement on social media. The show just finished its 13th series, and the few who watched could only yawn. The doctor is on life support thanks to the BBC’s incessant diversity mandates, executive producer Chris Chibnall retcons, and the lazy pomposity of the first female doctor, Jodie Whittaker.
But there is hope. A familiar stranger bearing the initials R.T.D. has arisen in the distance, and his company, Bad Wolf, are just the heroes that might make “Doctor Who” go through another successful regeneration.

Yup, I’m writing about Doctor Who.
It’s hard to contest these days to find anyone, except the very most progressive die-hards, that our culture is struggling under a culture war. Ahh, the Culture War, that endless battle featuring classicalists in favor of restoring popular culture against woke revisionists hoping to burn the wicked thing down to the ground. We don’t all know it in those terms. When people hear woke, or recognize there is something furious and destructive in films like Star Wars Last Jedi, they are clicking into that feeling in the Zeitgeist that the math of Hollywood and the rest of our cultural stewards; are no longer on the side of the audience.
I started noticing that the fans became minor stakeholders beginning around 2014; fandoms, like comics, gaming, and anime, slowly but sure were becoming extremely divisive. Like a light switch being flipped, the nerd communities I enjoyed became excessively political and constantly tuned into any given fan situation’s equity and social justice.
Doctor Who, in particular, confused me when it started down this track. The show consistently was a very classically liberal, humanistic show that celebrated diversity and freedom of thought. The attacks on the show as a staple of white patriarchal heteronormativity didn’t make sense then and make less sense now.
What I find so fascinating about the end of Chibnall’s Who is the enormous pile of BBC Who writers and journalists (btw I like Adam Garia a lot, even though I know he is wrong here) that are utterly oblivious to all of these concerns that I have meticulously listed here. They only think the show’s failure is due to laziness by Chibnall and fail to see how the constant tone of indignation against the audience played a very integral role in killing off Who.
Hopefully, RTD is paying attention, taking these crucial observations to heart.🤓
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