Invisible Men w/ Ian Rowe & Nique Fajors 👓

With the New Year approaching, many are examining the state of the United States and our culture.
I think we can all agree that between the unknown virus of unspecified origin, the flailing economy, and everything else seemingly going wrong, it has been two no-good-very-bad years in terms of providing any optimistic hope for the future.🤔
However, there are indeed positive changes happening in America, right now, all around us; if only we could see them. Today’s conversation highlights one.🎤
Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis is joined by American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Ian Rowe and business leader Nique Fajors—two black Harvard Business School graduates—who hope to change the narrative and highlight the positive achievements of black men in the United States.
What is wrong with the standard narrative surrounding black men? How much has changed over recent decades, and are those changes adequately reflected in the narrative?
🗣️Ian and Nique host The Invisible Men, a podcast and video platform interviewing successful black men.
In the aftermath of Rodney King’s assault by police officers in the 90s and his attackers’ subsequent acquittal, Ian Rowe and Nique Fajors grew weary of a public narrative proclaiming that black men in America were doomed to failure under an oppressive system. A feeling of invisibility struck both Ian and Nique. They were then Harvard Business School classmates, as the stories of men like them became increasingly ignored in the public eye. Today, Ian and Nique have resurrected “The Invisible Men” as a video podcast. In their inaugural episode, Ian and Nique share their inspiration behind launching “The Invisible Men” documentary in the 90s and discuss why—30 years later—their message of agency and empowerment is needed more than ever.
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