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Interview with ”Nyctophobic” Director Theo Francocci

Nyctophobia is defined the extreme fear of darkness or night, something many of us suffer from in early childhood, but for some that fear lingers in our adult lives. Theo Francocci is Los Angeles based filmmaker and the writer, director, and co-star of the short horror film Nyctophobic. Nyctophobic follows a women plagued by the loss of her grandmother, and her internal fear of the dark. When the women’s naïve boyfriend locks her in her bedroom she must come face to face with what she fears most. We are joined by Francocci on this podcast to discuss the film, his work, and the influences that the likes of Stanley Kubrik and Dario Argento had on this film. Nyctophobic will be playing at the Studio City International Film Festival on November 22 in Los Angeles, CA.

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