How Drug Harm Reduction Saves Lives

Pete interviews Cato Institute’s Dr. Jeffrey Singer, the addiction scientist / libertarian philosopher / top Arizona surgeon who wrote more persuasively about addiction, harm reduction, and the pain patient abandonment crisis than just about anyone.
Why is drug addiction so prevalent in the United States. Why should people, especially conservatives support harm reduction? Is Harm Reduction supporting drug use in disguise, or is it about meeting people where they actually are? What more can we do to save the lives of those afflicted by the scourge of drug addiction?
In our interview we talk about successful efforts to help drug users, how to best fight addiction, why libertarians are the ones that actually care about the mentally ill, and much more.
Dr. Jeffrey Singer is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and works in the Department of Health Policy Studies. He is President Emeritus and founder of Valley Surgical Clinics Ltd., the largest and oldest group private surgical practice in Arizona. His principal areas of scholarship are health care policy, drug policy, drug prohibition, and harm reduction. Dr. Singer has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years.
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