Hail to the Chief – The Genius of Dr. Thomas Sowell

As our long-time readers may be aware, we here at the Happy Warrior are very big fans of the greatest thinker alive today: Dr. Thomas Sowell. 💡
In the official 100th episode of the Saving Elephants Podcast, writer Alan Wolan joins host Josh Lewis to discuss their mutual admiration for the writings and ideas of Thomas Sowell.📚
Thomas Sowell, along with Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and William F. Buckley, comprises the Mt. Rushmore of thinkers who best exemplify the conservatism espoused by Saving Elephants. 🎙️
Sowell is an American economist, social theorist, and researcher whose nine decades of life and forty-five books covering topics as far-reaching as social policy on race, ethnic groups, education, and decision-making, to classical and Marxian economics, to the problems of children perceived as having disabilities.✍️
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