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Gov. Noem Issues Statement on Heartbeat Bill

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, South Dakota legislators took unprecedented action to deny introduction of Governor Noem’s legislation to protect all unborn life once a heartbeat can be detected. Governor Noem issued the following statement:
“Every single life is precious and deserving of our protection – but apparently South Dakota legislators think otherwise. It grieves me that they would take this unprecedented action at this time based on the advice of one out-of-state lawyer. National pro-life leaders believe that now is the time to have this sort of protection in law to save lives. 
“The United States Supreme Court has allowed the Texas Heartbeat Act to go forward three times, and this legislation has essentially ended abortions in Texas. My focus is on ensuring that we are protecting as many South Dakota lives as possible. 
“The South Dakota state legislature has always guaranteed that every bill gets a hearing, and that is something that I’ve always loved about our process. We have rules and an open process, and we play by those rules. To our knowledge, this is the first time in decades that a bill has been denied a hearing. 
“South Dakota deserved to have a hearing on a bill to protect the heartbeats of unborn children. We can hear heartbeats at six weeks, but I’m disappointed this bill was not granted even one hearing.”
You can read the proposed heartbeat legislationhere


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