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Adelaine named vice chair of FCC task force

Michael Adelaine, chief information officer emeritus and special adviser to the president at South Dakota State University, is working on his second term on a federal task force to identify the connectivity needs of precision agriculture. Adelaine has also been selected the task force’s vice chair and will work with chair to create agenda’s and advise the various working groups of the task force. The first task force kickoff meeting took place Jan. 13 with more to follow throughout the year.
Adelaine, who retired from SDSU in 2020, was initially appointed to the Federal Communications Commission’s Task Force for Reviewing the Connectivity and Technology Needs of Precision Agriculture in December 2019.
In its second term, the task force will continue its work to provide advice and recommendations to the FCC on accelerating the deployment of broadband internet access on unserved agricultural land to promote precision agriculture. The task force will perform duties and will submit reports consistent with sections 12511(b)(3)(A) and (b)(5) of the 2018 Farm Bill.
These working groups will assist the task force in carrying out its work:
In his first term, Adelaine chaired the mapping and analyzing connectivity on agricultural lands group, which identified connectivity gaps on agricultural lands.
When appointed in 2019, Adelaine said “I’ve traveled the state of South Dakota and know what connectivity looks like and what folks have for bandwidth,” he continued. “When you combine that information with being on campus and working with our researchers and SDSU Extension individuals on precision agriculture, I know what’s going to be needed. It’s all about big data and the need to move it for analysis.”
Adelaine said about his new appoint “I am excited to continue to represent SDSU and work toward improved connectivity that will allow farm and ranch producers to take advantage of new precision agriculture technologies like those being developed at the university.”
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