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A healthy life: Advice for women from their 20s to their 80s

Your regular wellness visit is a great step in being preventive about your health. Your doctor will help you understand which screenings and vaccines are right for you based on your age, risk factors and health history.
Women should see their primary care doctor routinely for a  wellness visit. During this time, your doctor will ask you about recent changes in your health and will identify if there are diseases you may be at risk for. Your risk factors can come from your medical history, your lifestyle, your family history of disease, or current medications that you are using.
These visits are often covered by insurance once a year at no additional cost to you.
Vaccinations may be recommended, such as the annual flu shot or the COVID-19 vaccine. They are viewed as preventive medicine, something to keep you healthy and avoid a serious medical problems in the future.
Guidelines and recommendations for when you need specific screening tests and vaccines vary by age and risk factors, but a regular wellness visit is important to help prevent disease at all ages.
Certain health screenings are important for every woman to have every year. Using your height and weight your provider can identify your risk for diabetesheart disease and osteoporosis.
Blood pressure measurements and other vital signs may indicate a risk for cardiovascular disease. Women are also screened for safety in their home (domestic violence), depression, and tobacco and alcohol use at their regular wellness visit.
Learn more about wellness visits.
Preventive screenings are key to catching diseases early when they’re most treatable — and before they become serious.
Here’s a guide for preventive health for women by age. You may follow a different screening schedule or get additional screenings based on your needs. Your primary care provider will help create a personalized screening schedule for you.
As you can see, screenings for women are not “one size fits all.” Talk with your provider to determine your risk factors and the right screening schedule for you.
Schedule a wellness visit online at My Sanford Chart. Once you log in, select Visits in the navigation and tap the Schedule an appointment button.

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